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It is my hope that it helps in your daily internet activity! If you are like me and like to support charity, consider using Ecoasia, Give Water, or Ekoru. Just doing what you do every day, by searching you help support these three. Ecoasia plants trees. GiveWater is a great engine, as they help people have access to clean drinking water. Environmentally, Ekoru is an excellent charity, as all their servers are powered by hydro power and they are all about ocean clean up. 

If you use an Ad blocker, by all means continue to use it, I know how annoying ads can be and I personally use one, I would recommend Ad Block, I have used it for a while and it works great! I hate when you find a good article and it says disable Ad blocker to continue reading, really! I was just getting interested, now I have to lose focus on the subject and figure out how to turn it off for this site. For those who don’t mind the Ads, thanks for supporting! 20% of all Ad Proceeds go to a Jewish Response for hunger and Whether you accept Ads or not is up to you and my main goal is that you are happy with our Website!

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Using this website, has made my life a little easier, Instead of typing in a new website each time I surf the Internet, I just click on the website I have saved.

Elizabeth H.

This saves me a lot of time and Hassle, great site!
Dan L.

I love the fact that all my search engines are in one place! I use different engines for various purposes, and this saves me A lot of work!

Michael A.

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